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About Us

Introducing LAVA Lifestyle

A London based wellness & fitness brand committed to making products that tick all the boxes and truly support the lifestyle of the modern woman.

LAVA Lifestyle is a plant-based fitness and wellness brand dedicated to providing supplements that contain natural, nutritional ingredients that actually work. Through our innovative range of products, we want to empower women to achieve their full potential and support not only fitness goals, but all-round wellness and active lifestyles.


LAVA Lifestyle launched in 2020 with 3 products designed to work together throughout the day. Each product is packed with a blend of active ingredients backed by science.  to offer optimal benefit and combines only natural, plant-based ingredients, nootropics and adaptogens.

We aim to support overall health and long term goals not just short term gains. At LAVA lifestyle we understand that in-order to feel your best you have to look after overall health and the products have been built around this belief.

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